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The CodeFinder database is the only comprehensive single source available to access all of the codes, standards, and regulations that affect the building transportation industry. Included in the database are all of the jurisdictional codes in the United States and Canada, as well as contact information for the enforcing authorities and a complete list of the codes they use. The database is a one-of-a-kind resource available to employees of NEII® Full Regular member companies and NEII Associate Regular Members that have purchased CodeFinder Access with a password to the "Members" area of the website. It is also available to employees of NEII Associate Regular Member companies that have purchased CodeFinder Access with password to the "Members" area of the website.

CodeFinder contains all of the important industry codes, including: new elevator, electrical, accessibility, building, and performance-based codes as well as existing elevator and life safety codes. Jurisdictional laws are also incorporated into the database for user's reference. Perhaps one of the best features of CodeFinder is the fact that users are able to see any modifications that an AHJ makes to the model codes. Each quarter, all codes will be updated to include any changes, and local interpretations, of any parts of the codes. Users will also be able to report errors they notice in the database.

There are a number of other features that make CodeFinder a valuable tool to NEII members. All data is printable for take-away use, and old code data is maintained so that historical analysis can be conducted. In addition, member profile opt-in options will allow users to receive weekly e-mail notifications of code changes and to receive the "immediate notification" messages when important code changes are made or other important news must be disseminated. CodeFinder will enable members to accurately interpret codes and changes to codes, and will include all local written interpretations of codes, thereby eliminating ambiguity often associated with verbal interpretations of codes.

For a comprehensive list of CodeFinder Sample Reports, click here.



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