Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch

Destination dispatch technology uses advanced algorithms to optimize the flow of traffic within a multi-elevator building. By grouping passengers who share similar destinations into the same elevator, destination dispatch systems reduce travel and wait times when compared to traditional elevators. Passengers request their desired floor by using a key pad or touch screen interface, or proximity key-card in the lobby and are then directed to the elevator that will carry them to their desired floor.

Destination dispatch systems not only reduce wait and travel times, but also improve the efficiency of the entire elevator system by reducing the number of total trips, stops and starts that consume the most energy, a major advantage to building owners.

Another benefit to building owners is the capacity for destination dispatch systems to save space in new buildings. Efficiencies provided by this technology require fewer elevators to get passengers to their desired floor, in turn allowing more available rentable space in the floor plan.

Destination dispatch systems can be installed in new construction projects or as part of an elevator modernization.



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