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Through the Government Affairs Committee, NEII® promotes the development, adoption implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations, including code updates, that help make sure the billions of people using and working on building transportation (i.e., elevators, escalators and moving walks) every day can do so safely and efficiently. And, as new, more sustainable technologies, codes and safety standards are introduced to meet the requirements of our growing urban centers, these laws and regulations are continuously updated. NEII commits its time, knowledge and resources to ensure that this is done effectively to enhance safety, not tie the hand of the industry.

NEII undertakes a broad spectrum of activities to influence the policy development process. The industry tracks legislative and regulatory activities that impact the building transportation industry; engages in code review and update efforts; forms coalitions with interested parties and industry stakeholders; provides testimony and comments on proposed legislation, regulations, and code changes; and meets with key policymakers.

Issues of Focus

  • Adoption of most recent model codes without amendment
  • Licensing of mechanics, contractors and inspectors
  • Education and training requirements
  • Creation and management of State Elevator Boards
  • Inspection and testing requirements
  • Permits and registration
  • Enforcement


As states undertake code updates or other activities in the legislative or regulatory arenas that will have a significant and far-reaching consequences, NEII will post information to assist both the industry and its stakeholders to understand the issues and potential impacts.

CALIFORNIA: California is in the process of drafting the Group V elevator regulations. Please email if you have questions or need more information.

Model Elevator Law (MEL)

is one of the primary supporters of model legislation to assist states in the development of a strong elevator safety program. The model legislation includes recommended language on industry definitions, contractor, mechanic and inspector licensing, code adoption, establishment of an elevator board and its duties, enforcement and many other critical elements necessary to ensure the state program addresses the key components of building transportation safety. NEII works with state legislatures and regulatory agencies to adopt all or part of the MEL depending on whether the state already has some of the recommended provisions in place. Click here to review the Model Elevator Law, Revision 3.

To find out more about the current code and elevator safety, click here for some frequently asked questions.



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