Machine Room-Less Elevators

Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevators are the result of advances in technology in which the reduction in size of components, such as permanent magnet motor (PMM), allows the machine to be located in the elevator hoistway. This breakthrough innovation eliminates the need for an elevator machine room, in effect, substantially reducing the size of motors used for traction equipment. With the machine room no longer necessary, architects can design buildings with greater flexibility and more leasable space for building owners.

MRL elevators also provide significant energy savings of up to 50-80% compared to conventional hydraulic and geared traction elevators. An MRL's permanent magnet motors and gearless traction machines offer superior performance and ride quality, with less wasted energy due to their more efficient design. Having no machine room to light and air condition provides additional savings for the building owner. Moving the traction equipment into the hoistway eliminates the higher cost and environmental concerns associated with buried hydraulic elevators filled with oil which can leak and require costly cleanup.

Initially introduced to the U.S. market in the 1990s, MRL elevators are now considered the industry-standard for low and mid-rise buildings serving up to 20 floors.



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