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NEII Fact Sheet
  • Headquartered in Centreville, VA, the National Elevator Industry, Inc., (NEII®), is a national trade association representing the interests of corporations, firms or companies that, as part of their regular business, manufacture (including parts or components), install, repair or maintain elevators, escalators, moving walks or related equipment.

  • The estimated number of elevators and escalators in the United States and Canada is as follows:
    • Elevators
      • US 900,000
      • Canada 100,000
    • Escalators
      • US 35,000
      • Canada 9,000

  • NEII members have a multitude of opportunities to improve the industry, whether driving the formulation of codes and standards or advancing the newest and safest building transportation technologies.

  • Board of Directors and Officers
    • President: Mr. Tom Vining (Otis Elevator Company)
    • Vice President: Mr. Sterrett Lloyd (Draka Elevator Products, Inc.)
    • Immediate Past President: Mr. Larry Walsh (KONE Inc.)
    • NEII Executive Director: Karen Penafiel
    • Treasurer: Mr. Michael P. Bauschka (KONE Inc.)
    • Members:
      Mr. Erik Zommers (Mitsubishi Electric US. Inc.)
      Mr. Greg Ergenbright (Schindler Elevator Corporation)
      Jon McCabe (ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation)
      Mr. Katsuji Okuda (Fujitec America, Inc.)

NEII Mission Statement

NEII, the national trade association of the building transportation industry:
  • Promotes safety in new and existing building transportation;
  • Promotes laws and regulations that permit the introduction of safe, innovative technology;
  • Endorses adoption of current model codes by local government agencies; and
  • Advocates responsible laws and regulations at all levels of government.
NEII promotes the interests of its members in the following areas:

Codes and Standards
Drive the formulation of codes, standards, laws, regulations and industry practices that will:
  • Provide for the safety of the riding public;
  • Permit the introduction of safe, innovative technology;
  • Promote communication and coordination with government agencies regarding adoption and enforcement of the latest model codes and standards; and
  • Encourage deployment of new products and technologies that conform to the latest codes and standards.


  • Gather and distribute relevant data relating to industry worker safety issues;
  • Develop and promote worker safety practices;
  • Promote safe use of building transportation equipment by the riding public; and
  • Support measures that promote the safety, reliability and performance of building transportation equipment throughout its life.


  • Be the primary organization for establishing and communicating positions on matters related to the building transportation industry; and
  • Be the primary source for communicating building transportation information to NEII members and the public.


  • Gather and distribute relevant data relating to the building transportation industry.


  • Promote activities designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of the safe installation, service, repair, operation and use of building transportation equipment.


  • Maintain constructive communication with its members by providing access to NEII information and standards;
  • Provide members the opportunity to participate in the process of defining NEII's objectives; and
  • Build relationships with other associations and institutions related to the industry through information, tools and support that add value to their organizations and NEII.

Pension, Welfare and Education Trusts

  • Oversee the appointment of NEII trustees on all trusts resulting from collective bargaining to protect the interests of both NEII Trust members and other contributing companies

Regular membership is available to those corporations, firms or companies that, as part of their regular business, provide or perform any of the following: manufacture (including parts or components used by others in manufacturing, repair or maintenance), install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walks and related equipment. Two levels of regular membership are available: Full and Associate. Full Regular Members receive a wide range of opportunities to participate in the leadership of the industry. Associate Regular Members have limited accessibility to industry news and information and are non-voting members.

Trust membership is available to those corporations, firms, or companies, that as part of their regular business, employ members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) and contribute to the benefit trusts (Trusts) established by agreements between the IUEC and NEII.

Individual membership are available to persons who are not employees of NEII companies or organizations that are regular NEII members. Consultants, third-party inspectors, jurisdictional inspectors, relevant government and safety officials and others can join NEII as individuals and gain the benefits and resources available to existing members.


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