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Elevator And Escalator Fun Fact

Did you know that the average person walks 43,538 miles (the equivalent of twice around the world) in a lifetime? Find out how many miles the average elevator travels every year and tons of other fun facts about elevators and escalators below!

  • 900,000 Units in United States (1,000,000 U.S. and Canada) - using a U.S. population of 310 million there is 1 elevator per 344 users
  • Average rise 4 - 5 floors or 40 feet
  • Average 5 people per trip
  • Each passenger averages 4 trips per day, 250 days per year
  • Each elevator carries 20,000 people per year per elevator (20 people x 4 trips = 80 people x 250 days)
  • Elevators in the United States make 18 billion passenger trips per year (20,000 people per year x 900,000 elevators)
    This Means Conservatively Speaking…
  • Elevators in the United States travel 7.2 trillion feet or 1.36 billion miles per year (12 billion trips x 40 feet rise)
  • 35,000 units in United States (44,000 U.S. and Canada)
  • Average number of people per hour handled per escalator = 3,000
  • Average peak usage of escalators = 4 hours per day
  • Average number of people carried per day per escalator = 12,000
  • Number of business days per year = 250
  • Therefore, the number of people carried per escalator per year = 3 million
  • Based on 35,000 escalators, this calculates out to 105 billion passengers transported per year in the United States.

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