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OSHA 1910 General Industry Standard Mandated Training Requirements

Regulations Training Reference Initial Annual Other
Access to Medical Records 29 CFR
X X  
Ionizing Radiation 29 CFR
1910.1096 (i)(2)
X X Typically not applicable to field personnel
Toxic and Hazardous Substances (Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophylite, Actinolite) 29 CFR
1910.1001 (j)(7)
X X  
Hazard Communication 29 CFR
1910.1200 (h)
X   New physical or health hazard
Control Hazardous Energy Source (lockout/tagout) 29 CFR
1910.147 (c)(7)(i)
X   Upon changes & as inspection warrant
Electrical Safety 29 CFR
1910.332 (a)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 29 CFR
1910.132 (f)(1)
X   Upon issue of equipment & condition change
Respiratory Protection 29 CFR
1910.134 (k)(2)
X X  
Powered Industrial/Material Handling 29 CFR
1910.178 (l)(1)(i)
X   Minimum every 3 years & change to process or equipment
Overhead & Gantry Cranes 29 CFR
1910.179 (n)(3)(ix)
X   Not specific
Welding, Cutting, Brazing 29 CFR
1910.252 (a)(2)(xii)(C)
1910.253 (a)(4)
1910.254 (a)(3)
Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 29 CFR
1910.1030 (g)(2)(i)
X X Not specific
Emergency Action Plan 29 CFR
1910.38 (e)
X X When responsibilities change
Portable Fire Extinguishers 29 CFR
1910.157 (g)(1)
X X  
Medical Services & First Aid 29 CFR
1910.151 (a)(b)
X Periodic Intervals Frequency set by certifying agency.
Permit Required Confined Space 29 CFR
1910.146 (g)(1)
X   When changes occur. Training is specific to duties and activities.
Occupational Noise Exposure 29 CFR
1910.95 (k)(1)
X X  
Lead 29 CFR
1910.1025 (l)(1)(iii)
X X  

NOTE: This is a summary of applicable OSHA training requirements and may not be all inclusive.

APPROVALS: November 30, 2006

REVISED: March 24, 2016

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