Escalator Safety

Escalator Safety

Escalator Safety Tips

While escalators are among the safest forms of transportation in the world, accidents can occasionally occur as a result of unsafe riding practices. NEII® and its members stress the importance of following these simple escalator safety guidelines to help ensure passenger safety:

When entering escalators:
  • Watch the direction of the moving step and step on and off with extra care
  • Take care if you are wearing bifocals or similar eyewear
  • Hold children firmly with one arm or hold child's free hand
  • Hold small packages firmly in one hand, but always leave one hand available to hold the handrail
  • Grasp the handle as you step onto the moving step
  • Do not step onto an escalator going in the opposite direction
  • Do not take wheelchairs, electric scooters, strollers, hand carts, luggage carts or similar items on the escalator

When riding escalators:
  • Keep loose clothing clear of steps and sides
  • Wear closed-toed and hard-soled shoes, and avoid wearing footwear made of soft-resin or other rubbery materials
  • Stand clear of the sides of the escalator
  • Face forward and keep firm grip on the handrail
  • Reposition your hand slowly if the handrail moves ahead or behind the steps
  • Don't climb onto or ride the handrail
  • Do not let children sit on steps or stand too close to sides

When exiting escalators:
  • Don't hesitate and step off promptly
  • Make sure to step over the comb fingers; don't let your feet slide off the end of the escalator
  • Immediately move clear of the escalator exit area; don't stop to talk or look around since other passengers may be behind you

Escalator Safety Presentation
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Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation

For more information about elevator and escalator safety education programs, visit the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Web site.


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